Frequently asked questions

What is included in the price?

Apartment with full interior finishing, including wall paint, flooring, and plumbing (bathroom and toilet facilities).

What is not included in the price?

Personal parking and/or storage must be purchased separately, unless otherwise indicated for the specific project. The client covers the costs of office and state fees as well as notary and banking services.

Which apartments are available?

Available apartments can be viewed in the floor plans of each specific project, where vacant apartments are marked. The apartment filter can also be used.

How can I visit an apartment?

If the project is under construction, the apartments cannot be visited, but our sales consultants will show you floor plans and visualisations (interior and exterior) and provide other informative materials. If construction of the project has been completed, please make an appointment with a sales consultant here.

What are the apartment prices? What is the price per square meter?

Please see the apartment prices on our website for a specific project. If the price is not clear or not published, please contact our sales consultants here.

With what kind of finishing are the apartments sold?

The apartments are sold with full interior finishing, which includes wall paint, flooring, and plumbing (bathroom and toilet facilities).

How can I reserve an apartment?

Any apartment (whether the project is under construction or completed) can be reserved orally by contacting and meeting with our sales consultants. This reservation is valid for 5 working days. If the project is under construction, a cash contract must be concluded after the oral reservation. After that, a deposit of 15% of the purchase amount must be paid within five working days. The purchase amount includes the full transaction, including personal parking and storage, if you choose to purchase them. If construction of the project has been completed, a purchase agreement must be concluded after the oral reservation.

Can I choose my apartment’s finishing?

It’s possible to choose the apartment finishing in the initial stage of project construction. We offer five different finishing collections, so that every potential apartment owner can find something suitable, as well as a selection of plumbing. Our sales consultants will inform you about the deadline for choosing the finishing; it will also be indicated in the apartment reservation agreement.

Can I view the apartment when the building is under construction?

No, the apartment cannot be viewed during building construction. This is only possible after the building has been put into operation.

When will the building be completed and when can I view the apartment?

Merks Magnolijas is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023; the apartment can be viewed after the building is put into operation. You can follow the building’s progress in the section “About the project” on the project website.

Can I regulate the heat in my apartment?

Yes, it’s possible to regulate the heat in each apartment. Radiators with thermostats will be available in every apartment of Merks Magnolijas. This will enable you to maintain the desired temperature in each room. Expenditure on heat will be calculated according to the amount consumed, as each apartment will have its own individual heat meter.

How much sunlight does the apartment get?

The amount of sunlight depends on where the apartment is located in the building and on which floor. If the apartment windows face east, the sun will shine in the morning; if the windows face west, you can enjoy the evening sun. Windows on the south side ensure the longest sunlight.

When do I need to start paying my mortgage if the building is under construction?

Mortgage payments are necessary only after the property is re-registered in your name in the land register. First the building is completed and put into operation, then the apartments are registered in the land register and a cadastral number is assigned to each. Next, the client enters into a loan agreement with the bank and a purchase agreement with us, and after both agreements are signed, the property is re-registered in your name, and it becomes necessary to start paying the mortgage.

What additional costs should I prepare for when purchasing an apartment?

When purchasing an apartment, it’s necessary to take into account several additional costs: the bank’s contract fee for creating a loan agreement or escrow account (if a mortgage loan is taken), payment for notary services, registration of the mortgage in the land register, and fees related to the land register.

At what point when purchasing an apartment do I need to contact a bank?

Our sales consultants recommend that you contact a bank as soon as you have decided to look for an apartment to find out what precisely your loan options are and how much money you can count on for the purchase. Merks cooperates with the leading Latvian banks, and possibilities of granting a loan are also evaluated during the project’s construction phase.

What is the management fee per month?

It depends on the specifics of the respective project and the manager – current information is best found out by contacting our sales consultants.

What are the utility payments per month?

It depends on the specific project, the manager, the size of the apartment, the energy efficiency of the building, and the use of resources. In all projects, utility payments are calculated by automatically reading the individual meters of the apartment, which means that the owner of the apartment does not have to read and submit them. In all our projects, it is possible to regulate the temperature at your own discretion.

When purchasing an apartment, do I also acquire a share of the land?

Yes, when you purchase an apartment, the respective parts of the building and share of the land also become your property.

Can I purchase an apartment with the right of redemption?

No, it’s currently not possible to purchase an apartment with the right of redemption.

Are parking spaces available for residential projects?

It depends on the project – there are often outdoor, closed and underground parking lots. Personal parking and storage spaces are not included in the price of the apartment, unless otherwise indicated for the specific project.